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We have on board an excellent cook. She prepare meals with fresh, healthy ingredients. Our cuisine is based on lobster, octopus, crab, fish, vegetables and fruits.
Lycka gastronomy is the best in San Blas!


Tropical climate, outside the hurricane area, with temperatures between 28-33ºC (80-90ºF). Water temperature of around 28ºC (82ºF).
January, February, March and April: Dry season.
May to December: Rough water but the sea is calm in the Archipielago.
June to October/November: rainy season (torrential rains and calm sea).


It is recommended to take light luggage and avoid rigid suitcases. Most of our customers end up using half of what they carry, because life on board is informal: shorts, shirts, swimsuits, bath towels, beach wraps, caps, sunglasses, sun protection cream, thin rain jacket and sandals to walk ashore.
Panama's currency is the US dollar. It is recommended to bring cash, since currency exchange is difficult and ATMs are non-existent in the Archipelago.
Valid passport
Vaccines: not needed


By road: We organize the transportation from the city to the sailboat. . The road trip from Panama City to the coast of Guna Yala takes about 3 hours. 4 x4 vehicles will take you from the city to Carti, departing at 5:00 am. Once there a motor boat to take the boat. 4 × 4 vehicle has a cost of $ 50 and motor boat $ 50 each trip. The transport is completely managed by the Kuna Indians, they put the prices and make the transfers, we only coordinate with them.

Via Area: You can reach the Guna Yala Archipelago in just 30 minutes by traveling in a private twin-engine plane. Please check prices at the time of booking.

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