It is surely one of the only places in the Caribbean that offers a pure Polynesian landscape: 378 small isles covered with fine white sand, crystal waters and a fascinating marine life that will surprise you.
San Blas The most natural and wildest Caribbean.

Rarely visited islands,
White sand beaches brimming with fresh coconut palms ,
Turquoise waters that conceal multitudes of beautifully-preserved coral reefs…

Experience the Caribbean nature in its purest and wildest form
Don´t wait to hear about it, come and see it for yourself!


Is a beatiful clasic sailing boat of 12 m, with great seaworthiness, comfortable and robust. Has a teak deck and an attractive mahogany interior.
"Lycka" is a Vilm II, built by German shipyard, Rügen. Vilm II sailing boats are unics and numbered boats, there are only 25 in the world, Lycka is number 13.
The name “Lycka” is Swedish in origin and means good luck, happiness and joy.


Lycka has 2 spacious private cabins for 2 or 3 people, as well as a bathroom in the common area. In the stern of the sailing boat you will find a spacious table and benches, perfect for enjoying meals and navigation.


Has wind generators and solar panels, it also includes deposits of fresh water and diesel oil at 500 litres.

There are also life vests and life boats for your safety, as well as GPS, radar, a security ring, a depth-sounder and autopilot. It also has snorkeling and fishing equipment, kayak for two people and paddle.


If relaxation is what you´re after, the archipelago of Kuna Yala is the perfect place to soak up some good vibres through direct contact with the peaceful marine nature and authentic Kuna culture.
Some of the activities you can enjoy on board the Lycka are:

  • All
  • Barbecues
  • Contact kunas
  • Exploration
  • Fishing
  • Kayak
  • Swimming
  • Tour by river


The marine life of Kuna Yala will surprise you with its richness of animals and colors: dolphins, manta rays, and nurse sharks to name a few really bring this reef to life!


We have hammocks for the islands and on the boat, where you can relax, read books or listen to music.


We can enjoy lobster or fish barbecues on the islands
Tour by River

Tour by River

Fantastic tour by the "Sidra" or "Diablo" river guided by Kunas


Walks exploring small and uninhabited islands of San Blas surrounded by coconut trees
Contact kuna

Contact kuna

Take direct contact with the Kuna culture, their traditions, crafts, fishing techniques and food. A unique experience!


Enjoying pleasant sailing in the calm waters of Kuna Yala


We have a comfortable inflatable Kayak for 2 people on board, providing you with the opportunity to discover this Paradise for yourself.


You can swim in crystal-clear and warm waters, the most transparent waters of the Caribbean!


If you are fond of fishing we have two professional rods available to use, as well as fish hooks and bait.


Aboard the Lycka you can see the most natural and wild Caribbean because we sailing into the islands more far and less tourist.
The islands to visit will depend on the number of days you want to spend on board, every day we sailed to a different island. Navigation between islands does not exceed 3 hours..

We are mainly in three areas:

Chichime-CayosLimones-Elefante, They are the most popular because of its proximity to the carti port and its youthful atmosphere. Reed more

Naguargand-GreenIsland-CocoBandero, They are far from the tourist areas and have a exceptional scenic beauty. It is our favorite area. Reed more

Cayos Holandeses, They are the most distant, are 21 uninhabited small islands, are surrounded by more than seven miles of reef. You can visit them if you have more than 5 days aboard. Reed more

The Crew



Lorenzo is from Barcelona and is a tireless traveller.
He has been all around the world, has visited every
continent and has dived in practically every sea and ocean.
It is clear that he was born to spend his life at sea!

He has widely sailed the Spanish Mediterranean coast
and the Caribbean (from the Virgin Islands to Granada). However,
after seeing the paradise of San Blas in Panama for himself,
he decided to make it his mission to share this special place
with those who want to board Lycka.



Alejandra is from Venezuela, and is
Lorenzo’s partner in both life and in sea.

She is an excellent cook
and is passionate about healthy, sustainable food.
She has a strong background in the tourism sector,
and has worked alongside indigenous
communities for over 12 years.
She will be your host and take great care in ensuring
your journey is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Our Rates

The rates depending on number of people and days. It is reduced if there is full occupancy and increases if the trip is private.

Prices range from $ 170-200$ USD person/night

Children under 4 years old are free if they sleep with their parents.

10% discount for children between 5 and 12 years old

There is a 10% surcharge from the 21th of December to the 6th of January.

Price includes:

  • Specialized crew
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Fishing equipment
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and no alcoholic Beverages
  • Alcoholic drinks (moderated consumption) (beer and wine)
  • Kayak for 2 people
  • Paddle surf
  • Hammock
  • Fuel and water tanks
  • Dinghy with outboard motor
  • Books, games and music

Price DOES NOT include

  • Personal insurance of passengers
  • Transfer to and from San Blas (50$ by 4x4 / 50$ by speed boat each trip)
  • Local taxes (5$ residents; 20 $ tourists)


Kuna Indians take pride in their traditions, and work hard to preserve their culture. Their customs have remained unchanged for many years, leaving them to become of one the oldest tribes in America.
They are the administrative managers of the San Blas archipelago, although they prefer to call Kuna Yala (Kuna territory). 49 islands are inhabited by them. They are a peaceful tribe of about 55.000 inhabitants, organized and united as a nation, with a strict tribal hierarchy. Each community is managed by three chiefs or "Sailas".

Its economy is predominantly based on the trade of coconuts (each of the island´s palm trees has a Kuna owner), while women make "Molas" - intricate geometric decorations in the shape of birds, animals and marine life-, made from layers of different coloured fabric.


We have on board an excellent cook. She prepare meals with fresh, healthy ingredients. Our cuisine is based on lobster, octopus, crab, fish, vegetables and fruits.
Lycka gastronomy is the best in San Blas!


Tropical climate, outside the hurricane area, with temperatures between 28-33ºC (80-90ºF). Water temperature of around 28ºC (82ºF).
January, February, March and April: Dry season.
May to December: Rough water but the sea is calm in the Archipielago.
June to October/November: rainy season (torrential rains and calm sea).


It is recommended to take light luggage and avoid rigid suitcases. Most of our customers end up using half of what they carry, because life on board is informal: shorts, shirts, swimsuits, bath towels, beach wraps, caps, sunglasses, sun protection cream, thin rain jacket and sandals to walk ashore.
Panama's currency is the US dollar. It is recommended to bring cash, since currency exchange is difficult and ATMs are non-existent in the Archipelago.
Valid passport
Vaccines: not needed


By road: We organize the transportation from the city to the sailboat. . The road trip from Panama City to the coast of Guna Yala takes about 3 hours. 4 x4 vehicles will take you from the city to Carti, departing at 5:00 am. Once there a motor boat to take the boat. 4 × 4 vehicle has a cost of $ 50 and motor boat $ 50 each trip. The transport is completely managed by the Kuna Indians, they put the prices and make the transfers, we only coordinate with them.

Via Area: You can reach the Guna Yala Archipelago in just 30 minutes by traveling in a private twin-engine plane. Please check prices at the time of booking.



Días de sal, sol, arena, viento y ajedrez con Lorenzo y Ale en las San Blas, no se nos puede ocurrir una mejor manera de celebrar nuestra luna de miel que en este rincón del mundo con la hospitalidad y simpatía de Loren y Ale.
Esperamos volver para nevagr todo el Kuna Yala en vuestra compañia. Buenos vientos y buena suerte

Mil Gracias



Dear Ale and Lorenzo,

Muchas gracias and thank you soooooo much for the last four days.
I arrived with nothing (only my bikini :)), and i found every thing and even much more than that paradise on earth and you two, wgo made we full live I''am at home from the very begining.
Thank you very much for you warm hospitality, your carying, for the five-star-food and for showing me all the islands.
I appeciated it very much talking to you and playing Dodde.

Lovely couple, stay the way you are!

28-08-16 Austria


Not knowing what to expect, we are very satisfied with our choice of staying @lyckaribe, your lovely boat, calm presence, very good food 6 knowledge of the islands made it a perfect "birthday & almost married" experience!

We had a real San Blas!

Thank you!




Islas y más islas…

Hace mucho tiempo que no escribo en el blog y he pensado que ya es momento de retomar las historias de nuestro mundo a vela, de nuestro mundo en el Lycka. Nos quedamos en Chichimé, una de las pequeñas islas del precioso archipiélago de San Blas, en Panamá, región del Guna Yala. Ya habíamos visitado […]

Por fin en el Kuna Yala

Antes de zarpar definitivamente hacia las islas de San Blas, en la región del Kuna Yala, fondeamos frente al Club Náutico de Cartagena y compramos las provisiones para varios meses, pues sabemos que en San Blas no hay “nada de nada”. Litros de aceite de oliva, de vino y agua, arroz, pasta, latas varias, etc… […]

Antes de navegar

Llegamos al velero Lycka a mediados de noviembre que descansaba en el Varadero de la Marina Manzanillo en Cartagena. Y ahora empieza el trabajo de verdad. A todos nos gustaría poner el barco inmediatamente y salir a navegar, pero en un barco las cosas nunca son así. Antes de nada hay que limpiar el casco […]

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